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Welcome to hosted by BirdLife Austria. This site provides a new way of collecting, managing and illustrating ornithological observations for the whole of Austria. The data entered here is intended to aid the study and protection of Austria’s native avifauna. Correctness of data shown here cannot be guaranteed. The use of is free of charge.

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Tuesday, June 10th, 2014
Collaboration for the European Breeding Bird Atlas
Are you planning a visit to other European countries in the near future? Your observations can be a valuable help to fill gaps in the coverage of the new European Breeding Birds [...]
Thursday, March 6th, 2014
New app for coming soon
  During the past months quite a few users were already able to test the new ornitho-app for smartphones. A lot of records have already been entered successfully. Currently, [...]

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Friday, February 24th, 2017

Waning Crescent (27 days)
moonrise at 5h26, moonset at 15h16
 Sun: sunrise at 06h43, sunset at 17h31
 Day : dawn at 06h12 and dusk at 18h02
Last observation added: 16 minutes ago.
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Friday, February 24th, 2017

O_060/124 [Gmunden_0003]
 1 Greater Scaup 

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

N_199/205 [Droesing_0014]
 1 Rough-legged Buzzard 
Industriehafen Krems
 2 Greater Scaups 
Unterer Inn/Stau Braunau/sog. Riviera Km 65,4-66,8
 2 Common Shelducks 
O_060/078 [Altmuenster_0002]
 1 Herring Gull 
O_060/094 [Altmuenster_0003]
 ≥22 Greater Scaups  
O_060/124 [Gmunden_0003]
 ≥2 Horned Grebes  
O_061/096 [Winkl_0008]
 1 Common Shelduck  
O_061/137 [Ebensee_0129]
 1 Velvet Scoter  
N_001/113 [Ennsdorf_0001]
 1 Mediterranean Gull  
N_002/066 [Stallbach_0016]
 1 Common Crane  
O_014/046 [Kirchdorf am Inn_0014]
 2 Common Shelducks 
O_014/062 [Kirchdorf am Inn_0021]
 1 Greater Scaup 
O_014/071 [Kirchdorf am Inn_0023]
 6 Common Shelducks 
Unterer Inn/Stau Obernberg:Steinplattform
 ≥12-15 Common Shelducks 
Unterer Inn/Stau Obernberg:Kirchdorf Sportplatz
 34 Common Shelducks 
Unterer Inn Stau Obernberg: Km 36,6
 18 Common Shelducks 
N_002/087 [Gleink_0018]
This sighting is part of a partial list 1 Common Shelduck 
This sighting is part of a partial list 4 Greater Scaups 
This sighting is part of a partial list 2 Velvet Scoters 

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